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Miniature flower workshop at York dolls house fair

I have already planned my workshop for York Dolls house Fair in JUNE.

We will be making a pot of Meconopsis or BLUE POPPIES. 

I have tried to grow these in my garden but they are a bit tricky and like certain conditions.

But you will have no problems with them in your dolls house garden!!!!

You don't have to book for the workshop. Just come along! Tickets just £5




Mahogany wine Tables back in stock

Handmade Decorated wine tables back in stock.

I nearly sold out in Kensington and have had to make some more of these lovely tables with my original decorative designs on them.

They always attract attention and would make a lovely addition to any dolls house.

Go to 'Finished furniture' to view them.



My best Xmas Present

My favourite Xmas present this year was a book called 'The Miniaturist' by Jessie Burton.

It has been in Waterstones shop window for weeks and Iwas lucky enough to get a copy.

Now you don't have to be a collector or maker of miniatures to enjoy this book.

it is a real page-turner and full of a very interesting mix of characters. It is set in seventeenth century Amsterdam and was inspired by a dolls house in the Rijksmuseum.

I would really recommend this book to everyone.

What was YOUR best xmas present this year?




Make your own poppies for remembrance day from one of my own FLOWER KITS.
The FIELD POPPY kit make at least 16 tiny poppies.
They are easy to make and the kit comes with full step-by-step instructions and helpful hints to get you started.
This is just one kit from my growing collection of 12th and 24th scale kits.
They are made of paper and designed to be as realistic as possible.
You can add paint to your creation for extra realism and there are many to choose from.
Just one warning ….it can be ADDICTIVE!  OR SO MY CUSTOMERS TELL ME!!!!




Ladies Mile Miniatures ran a very successful workshop on Saturday at York for the York Miniaturist society

There was a choice of 2 flower kits to make: Cleome or Cosmos,…... both very colourful attractive kits and some lovely plants were made 

Some people really got the flower kit 'bug' and took more kits to do at home.

It was a very pleasant day indeed and the group are lovely to work with. There were some gentlemen in the group….[and why not?] and they worked alongside the ladies with the same dedication and enthusiasm.COSMOS FLOWER KITCLEOME FLOWER KIT



Make flowers for your autumn garden with my flower kits

We have a good selection of flower kits for all seasons and some gorgeous indoor plants as well.

These are all easy to make and can add colour and variety to your dolls house garden. This Elephants Ears is a good indoor plant with fantastic patterned leaves. You only have to cut them out and paint the back so it couldn't be easier 

Go to my flower kits section and see what a huge variety of plants is available for your dolls house



Wedding bouquet miniature keepsake from Ladies Mile Miniatures

Wedding bouquet miniature keepsake.

Lilies, Gerberas and Orchids make up this lovely bouquet which was commissioned a few days ago. 

What a lovely idea to make a tiny keepsake of such a big event in one's life!


I am always up for a challenge so if you have a bouquet you would like copied just send me an image and I will see what I can do.



York fair workshops with Ladies Mile Miniatures

It was busy at York for Ladies Mile Miniatures on Sunday. I did demos during the day on how to make up my new Wisteria kit and the lunch time workshop went very well.

We all made up a pot of Pink Hibiscus and I think I made quite a number of new converts to the hobby of flower making.

For those who didn't make it to the fair I am offering 15% discount off everything on my website if you spend over £10.

For a limited period only!!!

Just put in the following code at the checkout:





New Chinese Fan Palm for York dolls house fair 2014

New for YORK FAIR on Sunday 8th June

I have created this lovely Chinese fan palm.

                                 The Victorians loved their palms and they featured everwhere and are just as popular today. This could go indoors or outdoors in any dolls house setting. It stands about 4 inches high and the branches can be moved around to alter the shape. It has been entirely handcrafted in my studio.

To view it go to'Trees and Topiary' in the side menu



York dolls house miniature show

I shall be at York dolls house miniature show on 8th June - STAND NUMBER 83-84.

I shall be doing a flower kit WORKSHOP at 1.00pm and this time we will be making a pot of pink hibiscus flowers.

No need to book! Just come along at 1.00 pm . the cost of the workshop will be £5.00.




Make miniature flowers this Spring

It is easy to make miniature flowers for your dolls house.

At Ladies Mile Miniatures we have a wide range of miniature flower kits in both 12th & 24th scale...and the range is growing!

For Spring we have daffodils, crocus, Paper Whites, Hyacinths and many more

For Summer we have Poppies, Dahlias, Clematis, Peonies to name just a few,

Go to Flower Kits on the menu and take your pick....there's loads to chooses from including these lovely Cleomes.

Make your dolls house garden beautiful!



Elephants Ears plant and kit back in stock

The extraordinary plant called Elephants Ears or  ‘ALOCASIA’ to give it its proper name,  is a fantastic bright leaved plant.


The leaves have wonderful markings on them and really brighten up a room.

I made a careful copy of the plant I once had and made it into a flower kit. This is available in 12th and 24th scales

It comes as a kit but  there are also some just made up ready to put in your dolls house.

Check it out and imagine how wonderful these would look in your house.



Valentines Day red roses & carnations

Ideal Valentine's Day gifts just in! 

Single Rose in dainty fluted glass vase with 'real' water

6 red Roses in tiny glass vase with 'real' water

Red carnations in vase with 'real' water 


Shakespeare poetry and roses FLOWER KIT

Many other flower kits available and suitable for Valentines day gifts

 All come with a special Valentine card to send to your mini Sweetheart!



Large Wisteria new flower kit

Brand new flower kit. This lovely Wisteria is designed to cover the side or front of your dolls house. Easy to make it only costs £18 as an introductory special offer. The kit contains all the wires, petals and leaves to make it up and includes florist tape and an eraser to shape the flowers on. 

This kit would make a great Xmas gift!



FIELD POPPIES miniature flower kit

Make your own FIELD POPPIES from our miniature flower kit.

Make some miniature poppies for Armistice Day

Easy to make and fun to do our kits are just what you need for your miniature flower projects. 

Check them out under 'FLOWER KITS' in the menu bar.



Make miniature flowers for your dolls house this autumn

It is easy to make miniature flowers for your dolls house.

At Ladies Mile Miniatures we have a wide range of miniature flower kits in both 12th & 24th scale...and the range is growing!

New for Autumn is a Poinsettia in both scales which I thought would look great at Xmas. The kit makes 12 flowers and these can be used in a variety of xmas displays.

check out the rest by going to Flower kits in the menu.




Dolls house miniature flower POINSETTIA flower kit dolls house plant for XMAS

Brand new FLOWER  miniature Poinsettia available in a new flower kit for Xmas. Ideal to brighten up your dolls house and give it a festive air. This miniature flower comes in both 12th and 24th scale and each kit contains 12 flowers. You can make them up for a large display like the one shown or you can use them for a number of small displays....the possibilities are endless.

They will be available from tomorrow so check out the website or email me with your order.

The price of the 12th scale kit is £5 and the 24th kit is £4.50.


Next fairs are York and Kensington!



Make miniature flowers from my miniature flower kits

Have fun making MINIATURE FLOWERS from a wide range of flower kits by Ladies Mile Miniatures.

Ideal for your dolls house and dolls house garden these kits are easy to make up and bring life to the dolls house garden or conservatory.

The newest kits include the large purple Wisteria, a bright red Anthurium, two Hostas, and a stunning Bird of Paradise.

Most kits are 12th scale but some are available in 24th scale as well.




Full contents of Dolls House WISTERIA FLOWER KIT

My wisteria kit comes with 3 packets of ready cutout flowers and a packet of cut out leaves.

It also contains a whole roll of florist tape, wire and an eraser to shape all the flowers and leaves as well as full instructions with step-by-step full-colour photos to help you make up the kit. 

It is the perfect addition to your dolls house garden and would look great placed on the side or on the corner of your dolls house. Give it a go!



WISTERIA flower kit now available

Large wisteria flower kit now available to purchase.

I have been working on it off and on during the summer to get it just right!

I have included all the wires stems you need to made the branches including 

a roll of Florist tape to cover the wire and create the tree shape.

All the petals and leaves are cut out for you and full instructions are included with 

lots of full colour pictures.

It has been placed in the 'SUMMER / AUTUMN COLLECTION' so go to flower kits and follow the link

Miniatura is coming up fast so will be working for that very shortly!

September 21st and 22nd at Birmingham NEC



We specialise in flower kits , plants & handmade dolls house furniture

As well as a big selection of 12th and 24th scale flower kits we sell handmade flowers and furniture.

Our furniture range includes exclusive miniature tables with a marquetry effect and a collection of hand painted furniture unique to us.

Check out the listings under 'Furniture' .


Round mahogany table with inlaid marquetry effect by ladies mile miniatures.



Miniature paper Flower kits 12th & 24th scale 4 dolls house

A great range of paper flower kits from Ladies Mile Miniatures now available.

These are all easy to make and all flower shapes and, in most kits, all leaves are cut out ready for you to assemble.

Step by step instructions are in full colour and handy tips are  provided.

You only need to provide a pot and some mini 'compost' to finish your kit.

Check out the range now!

Go to 'flower kits' in the menu.


24th scale Bird of Paradise




Dollhouse miniature plants, trees & flower kits

Ladies Mile Miniatures specialises in

  • Miniature handmade plants

  • Miniature dollhouse trees

  • 12th & 24th scale flower kits

All available for your dolls house garden now




Flower kits for your dolls house GARDEN


 A huge selection of FLOWER KITS  is available from Ladies Mile Miniatures to help you make your dolls house garden beautiful this summer.

 We have a wide variety of plants and flowers for indoor and outdoor use. All kits are original creations made especially for you. check them out under flower kits:



More dolls house flowers for your garden design

Bunches of flowers ready to use in your dolls house garden designs now available from Ladies Mile Miniatures. 

Use these miniature flowers to make a wide variety of trees, bushes and plants for your garden like this lovely cherry blossom tree



Miniature flowers and plants for your dolls house GARDEN

 AS WELL AS A LARGE RANGE OF FLOWER KITS, we also stock bunches of ready made flowers and plant material which you can use to fill your garden. 

These come in a variety of colours, and shapes enabling you to create wonderful arrangements. 

Go to 'bunches of flowers' in the menu at the side.



Dolls house Mahogany table with inlaid wood effect

 Handmade Mahogany table with diamond pattern inlaid wood effect.

The Marquetry effect on this beautiful little table has been handcrafted to look like real inlaid wood.

A real collectors item!

Go to 'furniture' and click on 'finished furniture' to take a look.



new FLOWER KIT Standard yellow Rose plus Facebook

A new Standard yellow ROSE  has been added to the collection of standard roses

All roses can now be made up as a standard rose, a bush rose or simply a vase of roses.

Yellow roses were not discovered until the 18th century, the earliest of them was called 'rosa sulfurea' 

and had a really bad smell...not what you would expect of a rose!

But with cultivation it has become the sweet smelling flower we all know today!

Ladies Mile Miniatures is now on facebook!

Catch up with all the latest news by going to: 



Hydrangea flower kits new for YORK Dolls House Fair

A Red Hydrangea and a Blue Hydrangea

Two brand new flower kits ready for YORK dolls house fair.
These will be on show with my other new flower kits and will be available to buy on the day. At a cost of only £5 per kit these are a bargain!



Standard rose Flower Kit 12th scale

New standard rose kit now in stock.

This lovely red rose is a new addition to the rose collection.

You can also make the kit up as a simple arrangement in a vase.

Or you can make it into a smaller's up to you.

Check it out in my summer/autumn collection of flower kits.




Find me on FACEBOOK

Ladies Mile Miniatures is now on facebook!

Catch up with all the latest news by going to: 

Don't forget Free postage ends on 31 May!

UK customers: free postage over £25

Overseas customers: free postage over £75



24th scale flower kits

 Two new kits available in 24th scale!

24th Hosta & 24th Bird of paradise.

These will be available from today.

Here they are with their big brothers in 12th scale!


Very easy to make and fun to do!



Dolls House Turkish Stair carpet now in stock

Beautiful selection of Turkish Stair carpets now in stock.
20 different designs to choose from.

Take a look now!

Just to remind you that there is FREE POSTAGE for orders over £25 for UK buyers!

For overseas buyers Postage is FREE OVER £75......  LIMITED PERIOD ONLY! FINISHES END MAY



New flower Kits Bird of Paradise

 I am back from holiday and currently working on a new range of flower kits.

 This Bird of paradise KIT is available NOW.

 This kit is easy to make and will look really 

effective in your dolls house garden or conservatory.

It costs only £5. Go to flower kits then click on 'Summer/Autumn kits'

More lovely kits coming soon.





NEW POSTAGE RATES at Ladies Mile Miniatures




NEW FLOWER KITS 24th Cheese Plant & 12th Peace Lily

 Two new FLOWER KITS available now!


Easy to make!

Ideal for your dolls house or conservatory

12th scale PEACE LILY


Perfect for brightening up  that dark corner in your dolls house!




New Shabby chic Painted furniture in stock


New shabby Chic Bue painted furniture in stock. 

Many matching items to suit your needs

Hand painted and lovingly finished in my studio this is ideal if you want a new bright look in your dolls house

Check out my listings under FURNITURE then go to PAINTED FURNITURE



New Silhouette pictures in stock

 A fine selection of tiny 12th scale silhouette pictures now in stock

at Ladies Mile Miniatures

Created in my studio and handcrafted by me with skill and attention to detail

These lovely silhouettes will add a refined touch to your dolls house living room, dining room or study

Take a look now by going to 'portraits' in the PICTURE gallery

Happy Browsing!



FLOWER KIT Lilies of the Valley new today

 I have just designed a  brand new flower kit just for Miniatura. Lilies of the Valley are one of my favourite flowers and a kit will be on sale at Miniatura so you can make your very own pot of these lovely flowers for your dolls house garden.

See me at Miniatura on 22nd and 23rd Setember STAND J 8

 ALSO NEW FOR THE SHOW will be a whole new range of 'Shabby Chic' furniture and  a new collection of 

handmade plant and trees....a Magnolia tree, a grape vine and Orange and Lemon trees.



New flower kits Rosa Gallica & Rosa Alba

                                     Two new flower kits Rosa Gallica and Rosa Alba the Emblems of the 'Wars of the Roses' now available in kit form. These flowers date from  the 15th century and are classed as 'Semi plena' roses or 'half double' having only a few layers of petals.

these kits are very easy to make and would be a lovely addition to any dolls house  or dolls house garden

Only £4.99 a kit. 



Ladies Mile Miniatures at York Dolls House Fair

Ladies Mile Miniatures will be at York Dolls house Fair on 

Sunday 10th June which takes place at York racecourse

A super venue with 3 floors of Miniatures

I will be on the ground floor Stand 88 

I have a new collection of HERITAGE ROSE KITS including the lovely white Rose of YORK 'Rosa Alba' a very ancient rose as well as  the red rose of LANCASTER and another very early rose 'Maiden's Blush'...a beautiful pink rose for your collection. 

All are very easy to make and only cost £4.99 each 

I am also running a flower workshop at 1.00 pm and we will be making two elegant DELPHINIUMS. the workshop costs only £7.50 and you will have a lot of fun making them.

Hope to see lots of you on Sunday.




Make a dolls house GARDEN with my FLOWER KITS










Miniature Pictures with original 'Oil' Painting Finish

Pictures with unique 'Oil' Painting finish now back in stock

Many of your favourites like this elegant lady now available to purchase from my store

Just click on Pictures and go to the collection that interests you:

 Animals; Landscapes; Portraits; Still Life.

Future Fairs

Ladies Mile Miniatures will be at York dolls house and Miniatures fair on 10th June

also at MINIATURA in the autumn



Victorian fern in white and gold planter handmade

This attractive Victorian fern has been hand made in my studio and is a new addition to my hand made plants and flower collection.

          It would fit nicely into many different settings and only costs £10.99

           You can also buy the fern as a kit but you need to supply the pot

           new items coming soon so keep watching the website..........


         This is calculated on weight with a small element included for packaging.
         The postage is added at the end and costs combined if you  buy more than one item
                           If you think the postage is too high please contact me........I sometimes make a mistake putting in the details!



New Flower Kit 'Maiden's Blush' Pink Heritage rose

 New flower kit at Ladies mile Miniatures. This beautiful rose is a very early rose dating from before 1400.

It is known as 'Maiden's Blush' Or ' Great Maiden's Blush' and is one of the Alba rose variey. I am always being asked whether a flower is right for a particular period so can say with confidence that this rose would fit into any dolls house setting.

The kit makes 8 large flowers and 2 rose buds and costs only  £5 

Check out my other flower kits now

I shall be at Arnhem in March showing off my new collections of flowers, plants, kits Furniture and accessories

Happy Browsing!



Valentines Day flower kits

Valentines Day will soon be here so it is time to think about a Valentine gift for that special person!

I have several flower kits that celebrate Valentines day ....

all very easy to make up

The red Roses kits all come with a tiny Valentine card copied from an original Victorian card

In addition there is a wonderful set of Shakespeare and Poetry books with card and roses

An ideal dolls house gift



Twisted Topiary Hand made dollhouse accessories

       Beautiful realistic 
                       TWISTED TOPIARY TREE
                       Not to be confused with cheap imports
 this HANDMADE tree has been crafted 
from a mixture of real and artificial materials 
to give this amazing realistic look 
You may even need a bit of a trim before you put it on your patio!

This is just one of a large selection of TOPIARY TREES made by me in my studio



New Dolls House Furniture & Accessories

  Beautiful Handmade Dolls House FURNITURE, many original pieces, now available from Ladies Mile Miniatures.

Also back in stock  a selection of hand made miniature dollhouse trees and topiary and many lovely flowers and plants

Keep watching the website for new items are being added DAILY.

Happy Browsing!



Valse Septembre Miniature sheet music


VALSE SEPTEMBRE composed by Felix Godin in 1909

This piece was very popular at the time and was played in the recent film 'Titanic' which set at the beginning of the 20th century

This tiny sheet music is a shorter version of the original and contains 4 fully printed pages.

It has been created by me in my studio and is taken from the original Vintage sheet music

Other sheet music is available from different eras... 

  Also........books, Magazines and comics......... 



Bird of Paradise hand made flower back in stock

Ladies Mile Miniatures is pleased to announce that the beautiful

   Bird of Paradise flower is back in stock

All hand made in my studio this lovely plant is a must for the dolls house garden or conservatory.

Don't forget there is still 12% off all my products until June 14th

Just put in the following code at the checkout: