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Dolls House Flower Kits

DOLLS HOUSE MINIATURE PAPER FLOWER KITS and plant kits 12th & 24th scale

These miniature Flower kits come with easy step by step full colour instructions.They are made of coloured paper & wire

They are in 2 scales: 12th and 24th.

All the flowers and leaves are already punched out for you except for a few kits where the leaves are copied from real plants and have to cut out of paper.

Where the leaves are tall and thin like iris leaves, you make them yourself from paper provided. These are easy to do and clear colour instructions are given.

I have called them LAZY DAISY FLOWER KITS because they are so easy to make!!

The first 3 collections are all 12th scale and the last one is 24th scale

Spring Flower Kits

Summer/Autumn Flower Kits

House Plant Kits

24th scale kits

I hope you all have fun making up these Dolls House flower kits!